Bringing the Outdoors Indoors: Succulents

Do you forget to water your houseplants? If so, consider growing succulents. These tough-as-nails plants place few demands on their owners. All they ask is for a sunny spot and an occasional sprinkle of water. Succulents come in a wide assortment of species and varieties, but two of our favorites include Flapjacks and Candelabra Tree. Both are architecturally interesting and will last for years with little attention from you.

Name: Flapjacks (Kalanchoe thyrsiflora); Candelabra Tree (Euphorbia similis)

Growing Conditions: Full sun; water every week to ten days during the summer; once a month in winter, 60-75 degrees F.

Size: 1-4 feet tall

Note: Euphorbias have sharp spines. Keep the plants out of reach of children.