Planning our Container Garden

Before we delve into the types of plants we want to add to our containers, we need to do a little bit of planning.While Container Gardening couldn't be easier there are some things that are helpful to know before you start.

1. Check the drainage on your container.

Be sure that the container you desire to use has proper drainage holes. Some pots sold in stores don't allow enough water to drain away. This can be detrimental to the health of your plants. You might also want to elevate your pots to allow better drainage.

2. Remove plants from their nursery pots very carefully.

Try to squeeze the plant out from the bottom rather than pulling it out by the stem. Be sure to cut or tear plant roots if they are root bound.We want those roots to grow freely!

3. Add fertilizer to your soil.

Don't starve your plants! Use a slow release fertilizer in your potting soil before planting.

4. Planting.

Try to mimic the height of the plant from the nursery pot in its new container. Don't bury too much of the plant's stem. Also, water the pot right after you plant it and allow the soil to settle. Then you can come back and see if you need to add soil in any areas.

5. Caring for your container.

Water slowly and keep plants damp, not wet.Usually you can determine the right amount of water by letting the water flow freely out of your drainage holes. This ensures that the roots have gained the water they need.